Pouyan is a PhD student within the main subject of Materials Science and Engineering. Since 2012 he has been working with his research education within the steel industry research school (SIFOS) which is a cooperation between the Dalarna University, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and an industrial partner, voestalpine presision strip in Munkfors, Sweden. The title of the project is “Hardening of thin Martensitic Stainless Steel strip”.

Advanced thin martensitic stainless steel strips, are commonly produced by using a hardening and tempering line. voestalpine Precision Strip AB, Munkfors, Sweden, uses this process in order to produce and develop the thin strips for springs, blades for the paper & printing industry- and valve steels. The hardening stage consists of a controlled atmosphere hardening furnace, lead-bismuth eutectic (LBE) bath and a finishing step where the strip reaches the room temperature to form a desired martensitic structure. Herein, the flatness property of the finished product is targeted in this PhD project. It’s believed that the quenching step is critical to control the flatness of the finished product. This is due to the thermal stresses caused by existence of uneven temperature difference across the width of strip. Therefore, this study in conducted to investigate the temperature distribution of strip beyond the hardening furnace and the parameters which effect this distribution. Furthermore, thermal stresses caused by uneven quenching is investigated by this research. Hence, heat transfer models (CFD- and FEM softwares) were developed. In addition, an infrared thermal imaging camera was used for validation of the model predictions as well as a better understanding of the process.

Thanks to the PhD project, Pouyan has learnt to work independently as well as working with the others at the university and in the industry. He gained a valuable experience for a product development process and how to lead a project. His interests are technology, knowledge, training, people, communication and nature.